Boiler Plant Inspections

Boiler Plant Inspections will be carried out in the near future by our in-house Qualified Inspectors certified by the Ministry of Commerce Industry & Tourism under the COM 2002/91/EC Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings. According to CY Laws of 2006 & 2009 No 142(I) and No 30(I) respectively regarding the Energy Performance of Buildings, aiming at reducing the energy consumption thus restraining the emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, all Boiler plants with nominal power output between 20 to 100 KW must go through 1st Inspection by 31.12.2014, followed by repeat inspections in 5-year intervals. Boiler plants over 100KW nominal power output must go through 1st Inspection by 31.12.2013, followed by repeat inspections in 2-year and 4-year intervals for non-gas and gas boiler plants respectively.

Georghiou & Zembylas Partners with a vast experience in the field of heating systems can provide valuable advice for regular servicing, plant improvements, replacements or even propose alternative engineering solutions.