Our Philosophy

Georghiou & Zembylas Partners has built a strong reputation over the years for providing advanced engineering and top quality level of Design and Services, achieved using the following Tools:


Georghiou & Zembylas Partners, over the course ot the next five years, has a target of becoming the leading organization in its field of operation by providing a wide range of highest quality reliable expertise engineering services, inland and abroad.


Georghiou & Zembylas Partners is a growing engineering organization that continuously strives to meet and even exceed the needs and expectations of its Customers for total quality and value by providing top notch sustainable engineering designs and services.


We, at Georghiou & Zembylas Partners are guided by our Values to reach our Vision and our Mission.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity…..we are trustworthy
  • Accountability…..we ensure the best use of our resources and experience to achieve our goals
  • Respect…..we respect our Customers, our Partners and our Team
  • Customers Service…..we are dedicated to satisfying Customers’ needs and expectations
  • Team Work…..we focus our energy for greater results via working as a team, caring and being supportive and loyal to one another
  • Passion & Innovation…..we take pride in everything we do, showing enthusiasm and dedication every step of the way. We are committed to creating and delivering high quality innovative Designs and Services
  • Environment…..we are highly concerned about the environment thus utilizing renewable energy systems
  • Relevant today and ready for tomorrow…..we are always learning from our past and moving on to the future